TaxiCab Manager has been in development for eleven years and is currently installed at 63 depots. The software began as a simple driver rostering solution. As more depots realised the benefits of software specific to the taxi and limo industries and began using TaxiCab Manager, it soon became clear that each had their own slightly different way of doing things. So we started adding features in response to customer requests.

Today, TaxiCab Manager is the most full-featured depot management tool available as a desktop installation - offering rosters, pay-ins, cars, drivers, accidents, maintenance, job invoicing, bookings, suppliers, purchase orders, inventory, job card, cash till and SMS integration. Driver Entry terminals at the depot allow the drivers to enter their own figures, reducing the admin load on staff.

We realised a number of years ago that, as more depots began using TaxiCab Manager, we would need to move to a centralised database. A lot of the support issues I was finding usually had to do with the interaction of the database and the computer operating system - and not TaxiCab Manager itself. (Usually, but not always!) In addition, there was no quick and easy way to upgrade depots to newer versions of TaxiCab Manager as new features were introduced.

In 2008 I attended my first conference about cloud-based systems, but the success of TaxiCab Manager was a two-edged sword. I was too busy doing installations, upgrades and adding feature requests to start the migration to a totally different platform.

In March 2014 we began development of the online version. It was clear that the only solution to be able to provide long-term support and growth was to have an online version of TaxiCab Manager that could be accessed from any internet-enabled device. This has numerous advantages.

The ability to access all of your depot data anywhere, at any time, allows the flexibility that is needed in these challenging times. Being online allows us to integrate with online service providers, such as Xero, EFTPOS and meter providers and accident and insurance assessment services, amongst others.

The user never has to worry about backups and upgrading - you always have access to the latest features. The only technical support question is “Do you have the internet?”

MyTaxiManager online is finally ready for release!

The first online version includes rosters, pay-ins, driver and driver accounting, cars, maintenance, accidents, offences and SMS messaging.

The immediate roadmap includes - bookings, job invoicing, third-party services integration and the workshop suite.